I’m rather late with this post, or any post really. Life has been pretty busy and Hurricane Irma did not help. Due to evacuations, work closures, and severity of the storm, I had to travel to Atlanta to resume critical functions for work. I was able to bring my husband and daughter with me, thinking we’d escape it altogether. BUTTT…Irma ended up heading our way anyway!

So we left Thursday afternoon at 1PM, but didn’t arrive until 10:30PM. I arrived HUNGRY for Korean BBQ, but was too tired. I made the executive decision that night: I was eating Korean BBQ with a bottle of soju IMMEDIATELY after work on Friday.

Hubby fulfilled the promise and after a recommendation from a friend we traveled through the ATL traffic and ended up at Breakers in Duluth. Mind you, Duluth appears to be Korean food central in ATL (I’m probably late on discovering this).

Breakers is located in a small strip on Pleasant Hill/Gwinnett Place in Duluth. Not too shabby on the outside.

The inside seemed upscale and modern. Nice clean likes. We really liked it.

First things first, a bottle of SOJU. They of course brought out the banchan and salad. I wish there had been more variety and more of the banchan. But still good nonetheless.

The menu was a 2-pager. Had your staples. I think it’s their way to push you into an AUCE option. Which is pretty darn good. My husband and I both went for AUCE II, because of the short rib!!!! [insert drooling emoji] $26.99? That’s a steal to me.

We pretty much did two rounds of the beef brisket, spicy pork, and LA galbi. I loved how the brisket came out in a large plate of rolls. Spicy pork was SPOT ON. And I NEVER HAD LA GALBI SO TENDER! Like buttah.

My daughter loves galbitang. For $16, it was a big portion with a lot of meat.

I think we ate our money’s worth. Although we learned there was a caveat: can’t bring any of the BBQ leftovers home. Which I think is a bit much, considering the food is already cooked. What the heck would they do with the leftovers. However, with a little persuasion, we were able to take our leftovers back to the hotel (they ended up being a lifesaver, literally). Breakers was pretty darn delicious. If you’re in ATL, it’s definitely worth a trip. Wish we had an opportunity to back to Breakers, but there are so many Korean BBQ options around there!

More posts to come on our brief foodie adventure in ATL!

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